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Greek “Quick Reference Sheets” on NTGreek.org

One of the unique and helpful resources that you will find on NTGreek.org is the page of “Quick Reference Sheets” for various Greek grammatical topics. This page lists documents that are in PDF format and are meant to be printed out (or otherwise available for quick reference) and kept handy as you are reading or studying a Greek passage of scripture.

These sheets are meant to help you quickly identify or differentiate some of the exegetically significant grammatical classifications of various parts of speech. For instance, knowing the type and meaning of a certain participle or the use of the genitive case in a passage can make a significant difference in the meaning of the passage.

Some of the sheets point out the structural elements used to form various grammatical structures, such as when dealing with conditional sentences or various uses of the subjunctive mood. They will give both clues to identifying a grammatical element, a short explanation of what it means, and some examples of where it is used.

One of my favorite sheets is the one that helps a person identify the type of participle used in the passage. Greek is a participle-loving language; without understanding Greek participles a person cannot really understand Greek. The quick reference sheet “Classification of Adverbial Participles” is two pages and lists all possible adverbial participles (based on Daniel Wallace’s classification).

I created most of these sheets when I was teaching advanced (2nd year) Greek. I would require my students to identify every use of a participle, subjunctive mood, conditional sentences, etc. These sheets came in very handy for quickly identifying these aspects of the language and thus helped students learn Greek more easily. When doing in-depth analysis of any passage, I encourage you to keep these quick reference sheets at hand!

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